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Creamed Corn

Note: This is a basic recipe. It’s also wonderful combined with strips of grilled and peeled poblano peppers, or even, peppers and sautéed onions. In that case, use some sour cream rather than the sweet. Or Mexican crema, which is a bit less thick — I like to simply combine sour cream with a bit of heavy cream, rather than buying a separate jar of crema. Keep in mind that corn thickens whatever it’s in — think cornstarch — so you will get a great, creamy thick texture easily.

Yield: 2 generous portions

  • 2 ears corn (fresh or leftover cooked corn both work)
  • butter, a small ‘pat’
  • Salt to taste
  • White pepper, finely ground
  • Cream — a couple tablespoons depending on the size of the corn ears

Whether you’re starting with cooked or raw corn, you want to cut the kernels from the cobs, but don’t cut too deep. As you can see, I lay the corn on the cutting board, rather than standing it up. That way it doesn't fly everywhere, and you have more control of how shallow you cut — you can see, I've left a lot of the pulp when I cut. Once you’ve cut the kernels, use the back, dull part of the chef’s knife to draw all the rest of the corn pulp from the cobs, leaving the heavy outer part of the kernels behind. That part, you have to do with the ears standing up. I usually do half the ear, then turn it the other way and do the second half, so I have something to hold onto. You’ll have tender corn that way, and no waste.


Heat a little butter in a pan, and add the corn. Sauté using medium-low heat, until the corn is hot. Season with salt and white pepper. Add a little cream, and cook on very low heat until  you’re happy with the end result. If you’ve started with raw corn, you might want to cook it for a minute or two more than if you’re starting with pre-cooked. Serve.