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Cherry Tomato Confit

  • 2 pints farmer’s market cherry tomatoes, preferably a few different varieties & colors
  • A few sprigs fresh herbs (rosemary, verbena, basil, thyme or whatever you like)
  • 12 peeled garlic cloves
  • 2 tsp. kosher or sea salt
  • Pinch hot pepper flakes (optional)
  • Extra-virgin olive oil, about 1/2 cup plus more to store the finished tomatoes

Preheat the oven to 275°F. Stem the tomatoes, and wash them well. Drain and then spread on towels to dry thoroughly.

Arrange the tomatoes in a ceramic or stainless pan big enough to fit them in one layer. Strew whole garlic cloves and herbs around, sprinkle on salt, add pepper flakes if you like, and then pour on the oil. There should be plenty to moisten the pan, don’t be stingy.

Bake until the tomatoes are soft and juicing out a bit. This will take about 20-30 minutes. If you’ve got a slow oven, and you don’t see the tomatoes plumping and softening, raise the temperature 25 degrees.

If you’re not using the tomatoes right away, pack firmly into clean pint jars. Float olive oil on top and refrigerate for up to a month. If you are scrupulous in keeping the jar clean on top, and a good layer of oil covering the tomatoes, they will last even longer.