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May in the Kitchen

May 3, 2016

COOK! Programs Update

We had an awesome fundraiser last month, with a huge turnout, great food cooked by our talented young COOK! chefs, a suspenseful competition, and a super fun raffle. I want to send out an enormous 'thank you' to all the kids, parents, friends, and families who participated in our event. With lots of enthusiastic help we were able to raise close to $4000 in scholarship money. This means... We have scholarships available! If you know a family that would benefit, please send them our way. 


Classes are filling up fast! We have a waitlist for a number of classes, including our Improvisation class, in late July, which seems to be our most favored. So, in order to accommodate the masses, we have decided to juggle things around to make room for another section of this class. If you are on the waiting list, or thinking of signing up, you can do so now! You could also consider opting in to one of our other amazing classes, like Culinary Games (which will be a lot like the Improv class), or Comfort Foods from Around the World (also almost full). 

Or, for you older kids, consider joining our Culinary Leadership Training program. It is a three week class that will challenge and inspire you, and it is being taught by our favorite leadership teacher, Samantha Smith. 

Whatever you choose, we look forward to seeing you this summer. 

Classes for Adults

Eric E. Weiss's next Knife Sharpening class is Monday the 16th. We always recommend this great class, which runs only one time per quarter, for anyone wanting to keep their knives is great condition. You get to take a stone and oil home, too.

Rosetta Costantino has Making and Using Ricotta, from Appetizers to Dessert on May 20th. I love this class, and make her ricotta all the time.

In the Market

My favorite month is here! I’m a fruit nut, (and a nut-nut too) and there are cherries, getting bigger and sweeter week by week, and the start of apricots and early peaches. YUM. Grand lake had the first raspberries, and most of the markets have blueberries — some are sweeter than others. Strawberries get better and better, and the number of organic growers is increasing. Avocados are great right now, as is asparagus and artichokes and the snap peas and snow peas are showing up, along with fava beans, and the first pick of English peas, too. I saw the first zucchini today too.  Did you know you can visit the Recipe Archives, and type in a key word and get recipes? Most of the time my recipes are very seasonal, so for instance you’ll find this beauty from last spring, that would work just as well right now.

WBENC certified business

OK, I know I’m a woman, and have been one all my life…and I know I own my business — but that’s not good enough for the big corporations, because they have strong diversity programs, and choose to work more closely with businesses that are local, veteran or minority or woman owned. Apparently a lot of businesses cheat — pretend to be what they are not. So, there is a strenuous process for certification, which I've completed,  at the behest of one of our larger clients. We at Paulding & Company are now ‘officially’ a certified woman-owned business. If your company prefers to work with certified companies, let us know! We’ll be happy to introduce ourselves, fill out the diversity paperwork, and get ourselves into your company's system.

Team events, Kitchen Parties Alert

We love hosting your events, and try to accommodate your scheduling needs. Summer is coming, and that means it's camp season. When camp starts, we are only able to book later afternoon and evening events during the week. We will be happy to work with your team, and set up a stellar, seasonal, delicious event. If you fill our Schedule an Event form, we’ll be right back to you with the details!


Catered Meetings and Events

We’ve hosted several lately, and we love it, as do our guests. You get the kitchen for a private meeting all day (or evening, during summer!) if you want it, and great catered (by us) food for your group. We are an excellent venue for small and moderate sized groups (up to about 70) and welcome all inquiries. Again, the Schedule an Event form is your ticket to success — it is a no-obligation way to get the info you need. We are happy to schedule anytime the kitchen is available.

Quick Bites

I’ve been trying mightily to make these short, pithy posts relevant and fun. The most recent was a primer on Fava Beans, the one before that a pictorial lesson on Hollandaise. You can sign up to receive each as they come out, in your own in-box. You can also peruse the archives online, before you decide to take the (not very deep) plunge and join the fun. While I’ve not yet achieved my hoped-for weekly entry, I’m batting .500 or so, with at least two a month.

Hot Tip

Went to my favorite seafood store yesterday, Lucky Seafood (E. 12th St. at 12th Ave.) and got the best crabs of the season — and the tanks were brimming with newly arrived, gorgeous large specimens. Check out the Quick Bites on cooking crabs, and get yourself a treat! Remember, they're closed on Wednesdays.

Recipe of the Month

Often, I gather inspiration for the monthly recipe from my last trip to the farmers market. This time is no exception. I gathered in some great lettuce, and some delicious local blue cheese, and made a Salad with Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing. Which is the easiest thing in the world to make, and way better than the bottled stuff. You can vary it by choosing a blue cheese that you love one time, and a different one the next. It’s also great because you just make the dressing in the salad bowl, throw on the lettuce, and toss when you’re ready to eat it. Garnish as you wish, and enjoy!