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Pop-up Success!

April 13, 2016

What an event! Almost 60 guests and 30 kids, chefs, and helpers... the kitchen was packed and the excitement was on. Our COOK! students spent a good portion of the day preparing a feast for our guests and once they arrived the kids broke into teams to compete for the title of COOK! Grand Champions. "El Pollo" vs. "Los Huevos"-- not only are our students stellar chefs, but they're comedians, too!

It was a very (VERY) close call, but at the end of the night El Pollo won for the successful use of all their ingredients. The title is in contention, though, as Los Huevos are sure that their food was tastier. All I can say is, bring it next time!

For all of their hard work and dedication, we have two new scholarships to offer, named for our winning teams (both!). Visit our Scholarship Page to learn more about our El Pollo and Los Huevos scholarships.