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New Year News

December 22, 2017
With the closing of Paulding & Company, A Creative Kitchen came the launch of COOK! into new territories. Last year we settled into the Nine Catering Kitchen, around the block from our old kitchen. This year we will be nestled into the high-tech kitchen at Rocket Restaurant Supply. Our new space boasts an open floorplan, access to almost any equipment we want, a one-block walk to Berkeley Bowl West, and an easy-to-access location. The down-side (if there is one) to our new space, is that it is slightly smaller than our previous kitchens. This means classes will be slightly smaller, and you may want to plan on signing up early. Get up to date news on the opening of registration by signing up on our mailing list, if you haven't already. 
Along with our new kitchen, we are proud to announce an upcoming new website, also to launch in January. 
Looking forward to seeing you all again this year for some seriously fun culinary adventures.