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February 3, 2017

ImageAs COOK! Programs heads into its ninth year of operation, we face some exciting changes. We have, until now, operated as a program of Paulding & Company, and in the family kitchen on 62nd and Hollis, in Emeryville. As of late January, COOK! Programs is officially its own business, which gives it the strength of realization, and of coming into its own. And as we mature as a business, so we find ourselves moving into a new kitchen, founded on growing collaborations. Image


We are very excited to be able to present COOK!’s new home base in Chef Francisco Machado’s Nine Catering kitchen. Cisco is a long-time friend of ours, a celebrated chef who has taught with us for many years. His kitchen, newly built, is just around the corner from the Paulding & Company kitchen, and due for completion in mid March. It is large, bright, and well- equipped; a perfect place for us to spread our collective culinary wings.

So, grab your aprons! It’s almost time to begin this new leg of our culinary adventure! We can’t wait to see you this summer. And, yes, there will be some classes and events before then to join. Just give us a little time to prepare…

In Spicy Good Cheer,

Tracy Cates