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COOK! Apprenticeship Program

The COOK! Apprenticeship Program is a hybrid work training/culinary training course that spans the summer. Apprentices join our core staff as advanced students and teachers' assistants, doing a variety of tasks throughout the day, from cooking to overseeing the running of our commercial kitchen, to helping younger students develop their skills. ...Read More

COOK! Testimonials

The chefs, curriculum, and overall atmosphere of Paulding & Company nurture a dedication to the love of cooking that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the Bay Area …” Read More

Through their highly interactive leadership and intern program, I was able to learn what it's like to manage responsibility and become a vital piece in running a kitchen…” Read More

I now spend more time in the kitchen cooking, chopping, slicing and dicing. I have started experimenting with recipes and adding my own ingredients …” Read More